Welcome to the CS capstone course!

Course Goals


Welcome to Comp 495, Computer Science Capstone.

Instructions for setting a reviewer in Taskstream are here

Generic portfolio summar form is here. Portfolio summary documents folder is here.

ICC Assessment Rubrics

The objectives of the CLA are either:

A) Analyze - apply concepts, theories, methods or skills to analyze new questions or complex problems; or

B) Synthesize - address a topic, issue, problem area, or human challenge using a combination of concepts, theories, and/or methods from multiple perspectives or fields of study.

To complete the CLA portion of your portfolio you must:

  1. Add a reflection to taskstream: Based on the courses you used to complete your CLA, how have you been able to meet objective A or B? (200- 400 words)

  2. Provide an artifact from your CLA which best exemplifies your ability to meet the objective.
  3. Provide both of these:
    1. the assignment from your instructor which led to the creation of your artifact or an explanation of what it was; and
    2. a description of why you think this artifact is the best example of your ability to analyze or synthesize, in order to meet the CLA objective A or B. (250-500 words)

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Coming up...

  • No meeting on Monday, 6 Nov. Instead we'll meet on Tuesday, 7 November, at 5:30 at Rev Ithaca for a meeting of Ithaca Web Developers. See Meetup announcement

Past Items

  • Due on 10 October:
    • Update your profile for linkedin
    • Resume draft
    • Combine CS reflection and ICC reflection and upload
    • Update your ICSM artifact/reflection as necessary