Welcome to the CS capstone course!

Course Goals

Note that you must complete your e-portfolio in taskstream (artifacts and reflections for every area including the ICC and CLA) to pass this course.

These items must also be completed before you can graduate.


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Transfer students: if you have received an Associate Degree your ICC and CLA requirements are complete. You do have to complete the e-Portfolio, however, including uploading all artifacts and writing all reflections including the ICC and CLA reflections. You will have to retrieve artifacts (papers, project reports, etc.) from your community college courses.

Required event!

The class will be attending a meeting of Ithaca Web Developers on Tuesday, 5 November, from 5:30 to 7:30pm at Funkhaus, 416 E State St. Suite 101 ยท Ithaca, NY. See https://www.meetup.com/ithaca-web-people/?_cookie-check=Ha5TUQ0Lprud03dM

Job opportunity at Raytheon! See jobs.raytheon.com and search for job requisition 139811BR (Massachusetts locations Tewksbury, Woburn and Marlboro) or job requisition 145727BR (Portsmouth RI location)

Instructions for setting a reviewer in Taskstream are here

Generic portfolio summary form is here. Portfolio summary documents folder is here.

ICC Assessment Rubrics

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  • There will no class on Wednesday, 6 November. Instead there is a required meeting on Tuesday, 5 November, from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Ithaca Web People meeting.
  • Send me your gmail account name by Wednesday, 11 September. I will give you access to a google sheets document that details the parts of your portfolio. Please complete the administrative information on the form and fill in as much of the form as you can by Wednesday, 11 September.


To complete your portfolio, you must complete the CLA section of the portfolio.

The objectives of the CLA are either:

A) Analyze - apply concepts, theories, methods or skills to analyze new questions or complex problems; or

B) Synthesize - address a topic, issue, problem area, or human challenge using a combination of concepts, theories, and/or methods from multiple perspectives or fields of study.

To complete the CLA portion of your portfolio you must:

  1. Add a reflection (200- 400 words) to taskstream that addresses the following questions:
    • Based on the courses you used to complete your CLA, how have you been able to meet objective A or B?
    • Explain how your focused area of exploration (the CLA) complemented your major, and/or broadened your worldview, and/or contributed toward your future professional goals.
    • Explain your goals in choosing the specific CLA option that you selected, and/or whether you changed that option and if so why you did.

  2. Provide an artifact from your CLA which best exemplifies your ability to meet the objective.
  3. Provide both of these:
    1. the assignment from your instructor which led to the creation of your artifact or an explanation of what it was; and
    2. a description of why you think this artifact is the best example of your ability to analyze or synthesize, in order to meet the CLA objective A or B. (250-500 words)

Past Items

  • Reflective exercise 1 is due on Monday, 17 September.
  • Required event!

    A Raytheon recruiter will be talking on Wednesday, 5 Sept, at 4:00pm in Williams 30x.