Mobile Dev

Project Part 4

Final Report and Presentation

Presentation: Thursday, 20 Dec, 7:30AM.
Report: Friday, 21 Dec, 4:00PM.

Stage 4: Deployment



  1. Launch Talk/Demo - you will have 15-20 minutes to describe your project to your classmates. What were your goals, who are the intended users, what have you accomplished, what are your plans for the future, etc. Every member of your team must participate (i.e., talk) in this presentation. Please be ready to show both an exciting live demo and describe what is under the hood!
  2. Final Project Report - prepare brief overview 3-4 page report for your site. Focus on what you have done and what you plan to leave for "future work." Please describe exactly what you have implemented (e.g., a bullet point list) and exactly what you would implement next. You must include flow charts and diagrams to describe the architecture of your site/app. Also, include a box-and-arrow diagram of you final DB schema. Finally, include an appendix that contains your weekly work logs. You will be graded on how completely you describe your project.
  3. Assessment of Contribution - please complete the Team Eval Form that is on the class web site under Assignments->Projects->Team Eval Form. Every member of each team must fill out the form and put their name on the form. I will not share the form with anyone. You will receive points for turning in this form but not for how you evaluate anyone. I will use the ratings on these forms as a small part of each individual's grade for the project.
  4. Code - You complete app must be in a public GitHub account.
  5. App - You must create a new Expo account and post your final app to this account. You will share the login information for this account with your client so that they can access the app.

Grading Rubric

The final grade for your project will be based on a number of pieces:

For the Launch Talk, I will be looking at:

For the Project Report & Website, your grade will be determined based on: