Mobile Dev
Project Part 2

Due: Wednesday, 7 November, beginning of class.

Stage 2 Design



You and your client will conduct a design review for your project. This will involve performing a walk through of your wireframes with the client and then summarizing client feedback. From there you should design new and improved wireframes, alternative UI Mockups, a site navigation chart, and three lists of features that you plan to implement. You will also need to create an development schedule of the next stage of your project. We will need to schedule another meeting with your client to walk through your design documents and receive feedback from the client.

Design Review Report

Create a 3-4 page report that includes the following:


  1. Review the Design lecture notes for details and illustrative examples.
  2. In class (11/7), we will be doing a second round of user testing on your wireframes and UI Mockups. Please bring 3 copies of this material so that they can be marked up by test subjects.