Comp 306
Mobile Dev
Project Part 1

Due: Thursday, 25 October, beginning of class.

Stage 1 Specifications



Your team will prepare a specification report and design your first round of wireframes for your project. Clearly indicate which person wrote which part.

Specification Report

Create a 3-4 page report that includes the following:


  1. Review the Design lecture notes for details and illustrative examples.
  2. BONUS: For the comparative analysis, include a small feature matrix to summarize similarities and differences between related sites. This can help you identify niches in the market.
  3. For your wireframes, you may only use simple shapes and text for now. That is, resist the temptation to develop more visually intense UI mockups. We will be iterating on these wireframes so it is important that they are easy to modify. The goal is to first focus on the interactive design before delving into the visual design of your site.
  4. In Lab (10/25), we will be doing a round of user testing on your wireframes in lab. Please bring 2 printouts for each wireframe to the lab.