Mobile Development

Study Guide

Fall 2018

Introduction and Prerequisites

Required Textbooks




This study guide provides the objectives, requirements, and timetable for this course.

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Introduction and Prerequisites

This course covers the creation of mobile apps on the two most popular mobile platforms, iOS and Android. The course will involve programming in React Native, a development environment created by Facebook to produce cross-platform (iOS and Android) apps. The principle language will be in ES2015 (also known as ES6) an extension to JavaScript that is now part of the official standard. The course requires a solid grasp of programming concepts and you will be expected to do independent learning outside of class.

Required Textbooks.

Learning React Native: Building Native Mobile Apps with JavaScrip, 2nd ed., Bonnie Eisenman, O'Reilly Media, 2018.


  • Class lectures will not exactly follow the texts. You are expected to attend all classes and attendence will be taken.

  • You are accountable for all material covered, all announcements made, and all handouts given out during class.

  • Ways to reach me:

    • Come during office hours!!!

    • Send email to

    • Leave a note (including your name, schedule, phone number and userid) either under my door or in the Math/Computer Science Department Office 2nd floor Williams.

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In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, reasonable accommodation will be provided to students with documented disabilities on a case by case basis. Students must register with the Office of Academic Support Services and provide appropriate documentation to the college before any academic adjustment will be provided.

Mental Health

Diminished mental health, including significant stress, mood changes, excessive worry, or problems with eating and/or sleeping can interfere with optimal academic performance. The source of symptoms might be strictly related to your course work; if so, please speak with me. However, problems with relationships, family worries, loss, or a personal struggle or crisis can also contribute to decreased academic performance. Ithaca College provides a Counseling Center to support the academic success of students. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides cost-free services to help you manage personal challenges that threaten your well-being.

Title IX

Title IX is a federal act mandating that that educational institutions receiving federal funding must provide sex and gender equity. All students thus have the right to a campus atmosphere free of sex/ual harassment, sexual violence, and gender discrimination. For reports of sexual assault and general issues, please contact Tiffani Ziemann, Title IX Coordinator, or 607-274-3300.

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Grading will be based on the following events. Note that half of your grade comes from the exams. Thus, if you score perfectly on assignments and projects and have a 70% average on the exams, you will receive a "B" for the course.

Assignments (all kinds) 20%.
Exams (2 exams) 50%.
Term Project 25%.
Class Attendence and Participation 5%.

There will be 2 midterm exams and no final. The first exam will take place on Tuesday, XX October and the second exam will take place on Tuesday, XX December. Both exams will take place in the lab period.

The final project presentation will take place at the final exam time. For this class, the college has scheduled this time at Thursday, December 20 at 7:30AM in Williams 308.

Important Stuff

  1. Class attendance is mandatory. You are responsible for all material and announcements given in class. If you miss a class you are responsible for obtaining the missed material/announcements. 4 unexcused absences will lower your grade by one half of letter, e.g., an A becomes an A-. If you miss more than 8 classes I will withdraw you from the course. Note that verifiable health issues or family emergencies, religious holidays, court appearances, and most College-authorized cocurricular and extracurricular activities such as athletic events, musical and theatrical performances, and professional conferences are considered excused absences.

  2. All assignments must be turned in within 2 days of the due date. Your assignment will be docked 25% if it is a day late and 50% if it is two days late. You may not turn in an assignment any later that 2 days late. Always turn in whatever work is done at the due time. You should have something FINISHED (i.e., functioning and commented), even if the entire assignment isn't completed. Individual exceptions should be discussed with me in advance.

  3. I will not accept late assignments unless you talk to me at least 24 hours before the assignment is due.

  4. Assignments will be checked in class. You will be required to turn in hard copies of all html, javaScript, Perl, CSS, etc. Every copy must have your name and the assignment number at the top of the page in a comment.

  5. No make-up work is available. If you miss assignments there is no way to make up the work.

  6. All assignments are expected to be INDIVIDUAL work. All work handed in must be original. Duplicate or very similar assignments receive negative grades. Flagrant cheating (on an exam or project, or assignment) will result in (at minimum) a FAILING GRADE for the course. General discussion is allowed, but not sharing of answers, algorithms, or work.

  7. The term project is the exception to the above rule. This assignment will be completed in teams.

  8. SAVE your intermediate work until an assignment has been graded, returned, and recorded. KEEP backup copies of the final versions of your assignments and projects. KEEP copies of returned work (I may make a mistake in recording the grade).

  9. Graded assignments will be returned in class. Work unclaimed in class may be picked up later from outside my office. If you have a question on a grade, bring it to my attention within one week of the assignment's return.

  10. Periodically, I will post grades as we have them recorded. It is your responsibility to check these listings to ensure their correctness, within one week of the posting.

  11. Handwritten assignments should be neat and easy to read (Or else type them!). Include your name and section number on every page and in every stack. Your term project design statements must be typed.

  12. It is more productive to use the computer for entering, editing, and running scripts, and then spend time AWAY from the machine debugging a script.

  13. Don't get behind in this class! Start each assignment as soon as it is handed out, so that you have time to ask questions and can use your time wisely.

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