Welcome to Advanced Web Programming!.

My office hours: 2:00pm Monday, Wednesday, 2:30 Tuesday.

TA hours: 7:00-9:00PM Monday in Williams 303.

Final Presenation: will take place on Tuesday, 19 December in Williams 309. See Assignments->Projects->Project Part 5 Final Report

Final Report: due at 4:00pm on Thursday, 21 December. See Assignments->Projects->Project Part 5 Final Report

Dropbox for final report.


Reminder: please put your DB Schema into the google drive folder:


Note on HTML and buttons:

Do not use a "button" tag inside a form or if you do use a "button" tag, make the type of the button, "button". Example:

<button type="button" value="Search" onclick="doSearch()">

PHP database access examples

in the /home/barr/Student/Comp205/examples directory:

  1. getStudentDB.html and getStudents.php
    • NO ajax
    • Uses form submit
    • PHP script access DB and returns a web page
  2. getStudentDB1.html and getStudents1.php
    • AJAX
    • Button calls function that uses AJAX
    • PHP returns DB access results
  3. getStudentDB2.html and getStudents2.php
    • Results put into a tag
    • same as previous but uses JSON to return an array

Dropbox for your project part 3 reports

is here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VEfGdHUsXD51MMZ7pVxxTklU38Js7Jum?usp=sharing

Project Part 2 RESUBMIT. You may get up to 90% of points lost by missing items back by resubmitting your project part 2. To resubmit your project, do the following steps:

  1. Modify your project and drop it in the google drive folder below: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VrnQ733tzfOf_hVnnHAzujHFtdPJiZWK?usp=sharing
  2. Give me the gradesheet from project part 2.

Assignment 7. There is a dropbox where you can put your assignment 7: /home/barr/Student/Comp205/Turnin/Assign7 You should create a directory with your last name (ONLY, nothing else) and put all your files into that directory. Then copy the directory into the dropbox directory. Note that you can write to this directory but you cannot read from it. So you will not be able to do a 'ls' command on the Assign7 directory to see whether you successfully copied your directory. I can check this for you in class.

Some queries to try in class on Monday, 13 Nov:

INSERT INTO students (studentId, studentName, dorm) VALUES (1222, "George", "Landon");

SELECT students.studentName, courses.descript FROM ((students INNER JOIN student2course ON students.studentId = student2course.studentID) INNER JOIN courses ON student2course.courseID = courses.courseId);

You are invited to a meeting on Tuesday, 7 November, at 5:30 at Rev Ithaca for a meeting of Ithaca Web Developers. See Meetup announcement

There will be a pizza lunch next Tuesday at noon to eat and talk about classes for next semester. If you think you might attend, please email Arlene Dende so that we can get a count of people. We want to order enough pizza!

Note that an image map is not required for assignment 1. See the assignment for updated details.

Class's URL: cs-ithaca.eastus.cloudapp.azure.com

Exam dates:

  1. Exam 1: Tuesday, 17 October, in class.

Introduction and Prerequisites

This course covers the creation of interactive database-driven web sites (as opposed to just a collection of web pages). The course covers both client side and server side technologies (ie, both javaScript and Perl/cgi) and will involve programming in several different languages. It will thus be more rigorous than COMP 105 (Introduction to Web Development) and requires a solid grasp of programming concepts. You should be prepared to spend a lot of time working on the computer!

Students must have, or be able to quickly obtain, a solid knowledge of html and css. Specific topics that you must know include:

  • Basic html tags.
  • Image maps.
  • Tables.
  • Forms.
  • Lists and Links.
  • Images.
  • Internal, Embedded, and External Style sheets.
  • Formating and Layout with Cascading Style Sheets.

Coming up...

Final Presenation: will take place on Tuesday, 19 December in Williams 309. See "Assignments->Projects->Project Part 5 Final Report"

Final Report: due at 4:00pm on Thursday, 21 December. See "Assignments->Projects->Project Part 5 Final Report"

The presentation of the final project will take place during the final exam period on Tuesday, 19 December, at 7:30AM (that's morning), Williams 309. There is no final exam during this time.

Past Assignments »

Exam 2 will take place on Tuesday, 12 December in class.

Assign 7 is due 14 Nov (but I will accept as late as 28 Nov, end of day)

Proj Part 4 will be due every Tuesday after Thanksgiving break.

Proj Part 4 Data Model is Due on Friday, 1 December, Tuesday 5 December

Proj Part 4 User Interface is due on Tuesday, 5 December, reccomended, not required

Proj Part 3 Due Wednesday, 15 November. Bring one hard copy of each of your wireframes You do not have to print copies of your UI mockups, but will need to demo these on a computer.

Proj Part 2 Due Monday, 6 November. Hand in printed copy and put on Google Drive: Proj Part 2

Assign 6 is due 30 Oct

Proj Part 1 Due Wednesday, 18 October.

Exam 1 will be on Tuesday, 17 October. See the Topics for Exam 1.

Example for Exam 1. For solutions, see the server at ~barr/Student/exam

Assign 5 is due 10 Oct

Assign 4 is due 3 Oct

Assign 3 is due 26 Sept

Assign 2 is due 19 Sept

Assign 1 is due 12 Sept

Quiz 1 will be on Friday, 8 September. It will cover LINUX command line as explained in tutorials 1 and 2 at this site.


a. Client-server architecture: what happens when you click on a link?

b. What is a database-driven site?

c. What are web services?

d. What languages are used? HTML, javascript, php

e. What is jquery?