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TA hours: 7:00-9:00PM Monday in Williams 303.


Note that an image map is not required for assignment 1. See the assignment for updated details.

Class's URL: cs-ithaca.eastus.cloudapp.azure.com

Exam dates:

  1. Exam 1 XXX

Introduction and Prerequisites

This course covers the creation of interactive database-driven web sites (as opposed to just a collection of web pages). The course covers both client side and server side technologies (ie, both javaScript and Perl/cgi) and will involve programming in several different languages. It will thus be more rigorous than COMP 105 (Introduction to Web Development) and requires a solid grasp of programming concepts. You should be prepared to spend a lot of time working on the computer!

Students must have, or be able to quickly obtain, a solid knowledge of html and css. Specific topics that you must know include:

  • Basic html tags.
  • Image maps.
  • Tables.
  • Forms.
  • Lists and Links.
  • Images.
  • Internal, Embedded, and External Style sheets.
  • Formating and Layout with Cascading Style Sheets.

Coming up...

Assign 2 is due 19 Sept

Assign 1 is due 12 Sept

Past Assignments »

Quiz 1 will be on Friday, 8 September. It will cover LINUX command line as explained in tutorials 1 and 2 at this site.


a. Client-server architecture: what happens when you click on a link?

b. What is a database-driven site?

c. What are web services?

d. What languages are used? HTML, javascript, php

e. What is jquery?