There's no obfuscated Perl contest because it's pointless.

Jeff Polk quoted in Donn Seeley (2004) "How Not to Write Fortran in Any Language." Queue. Dec/Jan 2004-05. p. 58


The final project presentation will be on Tuesday, 18 December at 10:30am

My office hours: 3:00PM Monday and Wednesday and 12:00 Thursday or by appointment.

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There will be a photographer in class on Thursday, 11 October, to record the class for Ithaca College marketing.

Describe computer science in 5 words: BI

Coming up...

Assign 5 due Thursday, 29 November. Note that the previous version of assignment 5 has been deleted and you do not have to complete that assignment. Just complete the current assignment 5.

Past Assignments...

Thursday, 4 October Assignment 4 is due.

Thursday, 20 September Assignment 3 is due.

Thursday, 13 September read the Unix tutorial 3 and 4 also book chapter 3, Regular Expressions, cut, paste, sed. Assign 2 due next Thursday, 13 September.

Thursday, 6 September read the Unix tutorial Intro, tutorial 1, tutorial 2. Assign 1 due on Thursday, 6 September.